Find The Right e Cigarette or Vape Device

Tired of using nicotine patches and gums? Can’t resist your urge of holding? Want to quit but with fun? Give e cig a try.

Quit Smoking With e-Cig

You want to quit smoking because advised by a doctor or a love one but don’t want to deal with all that scary symptoms that your grandpa associates with quitting. Welcome to the e-cigarette club.

E-cigs are revolutionary. They came and conquered the entire smoke industry like a storm. A recent survey said that every 1 out of 10 American is using e-cig or vape and the trend is continue to rise

We, at Carbon Smoke and Vape Shop at Marietta, GA location, helped hundreds of people switching from regular cigarettes to e cigs and vape.

Subox mini starter kit


Here’re some compelling reasons for choosing e cig over regular one.

  1. Can avoid that typical smoking smell in clothes.
  2. Can lower down your cost over time.
  3. You can enjoying your puff indoor because you’re not risking anyone’s health for your craving.
  4. Much less harmful than smoke burning tobacco.
Aspire e cigs


With more than 460 e-cig brands, choosing a right one is challenging. Even though you can search web for reviews and guides but nothing come closer to go and check out various devices in person, hold them, take a feel of them and pick the one that’s the right fit.

If you're in Marietta, Ga then let us help you choose your first e cig device or switch to the better one. Unlike competitors, We don’t push pricey or crap stuff to our customers, we educate you about the different brands; their pros and cons, their battery life and what output you can expect. So you can take home the best deal and enjoy the delicious puff instead of feeling ripped off.

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Brands: Aspire, Kangertech, Joy tech, Smok, Innokin and other name brands.

Accessories: Starter Kits, batteries, chargers, atomizer, cartridges, cases and more.

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