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Hookah Smoking - Traditional Smoking Gear

Hookah smoking is nothing new. Its hundreds of years old tradition. Especially, Middle Eastern countries are quite famous for their exotic hookah bars.

The floor sitting, with velvety round cushions, and alluring hookah assembled for a group of well-heeled acquaintances, enjoying traditional middle eastern music and a belay dance, was a set up that inspired and mesmerize the west for centuries and set the ground for modern hookah smoking.

You might not get back to that time, nor can experience middle eastern hookah café environment here but still can recreate the magic with your peers by throwing a casual and relaxing hookah party.

Enjoying hookah with bunch of peers or family is really addictive. If this is what suits your personality then we have everything to make you the star hookah party host.


There are several things need to be considered while purchasing a new hookah, such as the right height of the hookah, number of hoses, material of pipe, origin and lot more.

If you buying hookah for the first time then you should take expert help so don’t end up taking junk home. Our friendly staff help you pick the right one by educating you about various available options.


We carry largest collection of hookahs in region. Whether you want to customized the old one with new accessories for better output or replace a broken part, we got you covered at Carbon Smoke and Vape Shop.

Fantasia hookah flavors


What makes today’s hookah smoking more fun is the variety of the flavors. You’re not limited to choose that ol’ tobacco flavor. With more than 250 hookah flavors in market, you can never get bored of the hookah.

Try different flavors or mix different flavors to make a unique one, the YOU flavor.

We are so proud to claim that we carry the largest collection of delicious and authentic hookah flavors in Marietta, GA. And constantly rotate the flavors, so you always get something new to try and have a blast hookah party.

If you’re in Marietta, GA and wanting to have a hookah smoking night then you must check out Carbon Smoke and Vape Shop to save yourself money and only buy the finest quality hookah supplies.

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