Best e-Cig Juice Flavors Collection in Region

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What is E Liquid?

The most interesting and fun part of e cig and vape is an e liquid. You may know it with different names such as e juice or smoke liquid. Basically, It contains vegetable glycerin (VG) or Propylene Glyco (PG), as a vapor producing agent, nicotine and your favorite flavor.

Propylene Glyco (PG): It is most commonly used agent. The vapors produced are sweet in taste but less in quantity. Most of the e liquids in market have PG.

Vegetable Glycerin (VG): Some people get allergic with PG so for them vegetable glycerin is best choice. It produce large quantity of vapors but taste less sweet than PG.

Tip: if you’re new to e cig area, never made a mistake of e juice overstocking. Get started with small batches.

E-Liquid Flavors

With more than 250 flavors out there, it’s difficult not get addicted. These flavor can categorized into citrus, fruity, desserts, candy and drinks. Some refreshing ones like mint and peppermint. Unique flavors like popcorn, bubble gum and cheesecake. When you done with regular flavors and ready to try wild exotic flavors then you can’t go wrong with choosing “Mothers milk”, “Black Licorice” or “Butter Rum”.

At Carbon Smoke and Vape Shop Marietta, GA, we have largest collection of e liquids in region. You can try as many flavors as you want, to pick the right one according to your mood.

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Nicotine Levels

Gradually reducing the nicotine amount in proven to be an effective way to quit smoking. Now you can buy your favorite flavors at six different nicotine levels. From no nicotine to 36mg (highest nicotine level).

Tips for light smokers: If you’re light smoker then we wouldn’t suggest no nicotine in the beginning. You can go with light in beginning and then switch to zero.

For heavy smokers: Depends on your goals and how long you have been smoking, you can start from something from 24mg to 36mg and reduce over time.

We helped many customers quit smoking this way or at least reduce the daily intake of nicotine amount. If you lived in Marietta, GA then come to carbon smoke and vape shop and let our experience staff guide for the right start.

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