About Us

Carbon Smoke and Vape Shop is one of the largest smoke and vape shop in Marietta, GA. We are experienced smoke accessories seller and proud to serve passionate smokers of Cobb County cities with quality smoke and vape supplies.

What Do We Carry?

We’re full service smoke and vape shop in Marietta. We carry e cig starter kits, all name brand e cig and vape smoking devices and accessories, popular cigar brands, widest collection of e juice in the region, hand pipes, glass pipes, hookah kit, flavored hookah tobacco and replacement parts.

Why Carbon Smoke and Vape Shop?

We value you as a customer. Always provide you quality stuff at most reasonable price. You can rest assure that you’ll get home the best deal. We also offer special discounts for repeated purchases and brining in your friends.

Who We Are?

We’re not just the seller. We have spent almost ten years in this business and are passionate smokers ourselves who know the ins and outs. Whether you’re new to smoking world or want to quit smoking, we‘re experienced enough to help you choose the right device for your new smoking experience.

You Owe a Visit

Live in Marietta, GA or nearby cities. Then you must visit us. You will love our experienced and friendly staff and impressed with their knowledge and personalized attention they give to each and every customer.

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We love our fans so much that often give them crazy “FANS ONLY” discounts.